Open letter to the British government: Keep calm and walk away from Brexit negotiations

In your efforts to ensure your country’s smooth transition away from EU membership, you have met more than one stumbling block. Between restoring British legal supremacy, settling your accounts with the EU, and establishing functioning borders, your attempts to define a future relationship with the EU have fallen short. It’s time to keep calm and walk away from Brexit negotiations.

German coalition talks collapse: Don’t blame the FDP, blame Merkel

If a government is not formed in coming weeks, Germans could return to the polls in early 2018. Many have blamed the free-market liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) for walking away from the talks, but a simple analysis allows for a more accurate conclusion: the blame for Germany’s political crisis lies squarely on the shoulders of Angela Merkel.

Open letter to the FDP: You have more leverage than Angela Merkel—use it wisely

In light of the push from Paris to create a pan-Eurozone budget, there is a real risk of transfer union—something most Germans don’t want. Knowing the flexibility Merkel has shown Brussels in the past, only the Free Democratic Party stands between German taxpayers and pensioners, and a system that penalizes them for their fiscal prudence.