The Dutch powderkeg: Why the Netherlands is next to leave the EU

As the dust settles from Italy’s “no” vote to constitutional reform, and a parliamentary vote in Westminster nudges Brexit a little bit closer to reality, the next big eurosceptic event looms large. The Dutch elect a new parliament on March 15, 2017, and there are strong indications that eurosceptic voices will take a significant share of the vote. The Netherlands has become a powderkeg of euroscepticism, and is likely the next EU domino to fall.

On December 4th, all eyes are on Austria and Italy

Two important votes are taking place this Sunday, December 4th. Austria is holding its long-delayed presidential election between two candidates from non-traditional political parties, and, on the other side of the Alps, Italy is holding a referendum on far-reaching constitutional reform. This article explains, in short, why these votes are so important, and in particular, why eurosceptics should care.